About us

My heart belongs to India
I am passionate about India, its colors and textures, about its contrasts!
the smell..the noise..the nice people…the traffic jams…the nature..the food…the colors..
My life is between here and there. One day I decided to merge the two worlds, bring to others my personal view of India due there are so many different India’s to discover.

our collections

I have created the collections from the richest textiles from every corner of India. I traveled from Kashmir to Kerala in search of inspiring fabrics, new ideas. I have chosen and  transformed textiles into LOST in iNDIA collections.  All the products are handmade, some older and rarer than others: all unique pieces that for their life transmit the soul of the people who made them. I have the care and the awareness of having a production without child labor.

I work with small and large companies  to assist in the development of local business. With our products we bring you a bit of the way of being in India: the Shanti-Shanti, to live in calm, in peace.

LOST in iNDIA since  2009 bringing color to Lisbon.