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Jaipur is the largest city in Rajasthan. It is called the pink city.

Work of the Maraj√° Sawai Ram Singh, who although he was one of the most powerful men in India, did not fail to impress Prince Albert during his visit in 1876.

He built an exuberant concert hall, and decided to freshly paint the entire city.

The pink color represents hospitality and welcome.

One of the women of the Maharajah – says that her favorite – liked the color pink so much, that she asked him to create a law that prohibited another color than Jaipur pink for the facades of the city.

And so it was, the following year a law passed that still has effect today.

And today Jaipur welcomes us in pink!

In the desert of Rajasthan the city of Jodhpur stands out, painted in indigo blue.

Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan, and there is historical evidence of ancient indigo plantations in the vicinity.

But nobody knows for sure why the city is blue

Some say blue is the sacred color for the Brahmins, followers of Shiva. And that only the houses of the Brahmins, considered a superior caste, were painted blue

Others say that blue reflects heat. It could be the most important reason, keeping the interior of the houses cool in a very arid region.

There are also those who claim to be mosquito repellent and termites.

Whatever the reason, for us the blue of Jodhpur has a calming effect, it may be psychological, but we will enjoy it in Shanti Shanti mode.